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Hubble Space Telescope image Pope, an expert at analyzing how dust masks star formation, says tracing dust-obscured galaxies at early epochs offers good signposts for understanding how the universe became enriched with metals over time. “We know at the basic level that metals are formed in stars, but the rate of buildup over cosmic time we don’t know,” she points out. “We know what we see today but we don’t know how it came about, and we want to fill in that picture.” Overall, she and colleagues write, “This remarkable lower-mass galaxy showing signs of both low metallicity and high dust content may challenge our Skiptrace Pro picture of dust production in the early universe.” Before the AzTEC camera on the LMT took observations of this galaxy, astronomers relied on Hubble Space Telescope images to study star formation, Pope says. But most star formation is obscured by dust, so the Hubble images could not make a complete census of the buildup of stars in this galaxy. “Previous millimeter observations have been limited to the most extreme dusty galaxies. With this study, we have detected a surprisingly high rate of dust-obscured star formation in a typical galaxy in the early universe.” With gravitational lensing, researchers use a foreground mass – another galaxy or a galaxy cluster – as a lens. As light from very distant, background galaxies passes through, it is magnified. “This technique offers a way to see things that are much fainter than your telescope can see,” she notes. As traced in Hubble images, the lensed galaxy they studied in the Frontier Fields cluster showed it forming only about four solar masses of new stars per year, which is a “fairly typical” observation and unsurprising to astronomers today, Pope says. “But then the LMT observations revealed another 15 solar masses per year, which means we had been missing about three-quarters of the star formation going on.” She adds, “We are not yet at the level of detecting all of the star formation going on, but we are getting better. One of the big goals for us is to push observations at longer wavelengths and to trace these very dusty galaxies at early epochs.

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